Principal's Message


I would like to express my warm felicitations to the workforce of General Santos City High School!

Looking back a decade from where we are now; I am overwhelmed by the tremendous discernable change we perceive as time flies. Indeed, we have been triumphant in our endeavors. Being the ICT hub of the Region XII, is something we can boast to the parents, community and stakeholders who unselfishly give us their hands in our aspirations.

One tangible proof we have achieved through thier munificence is the new edifice, the Cyber Ed/ICT Center, which serves primarily as e-library and internet café. We can reach the wonders of the universe by a few clicks of our fingertips. Hence, exposing ourselves to the vast array of information equips us the necessary skills as we tackle challenging tasks in the virtual world.

Along with these nuances, our school publications The Rancher and Ang Pastol have given opportunity to our potential writers to submit their articles online through our website;

I commend the priceless efforts you have exerted. Together, let us keep our commitment overshadows in our undertakings.